Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A good day

We've had a lovely day; the early rain dried up before 9.00, we got a job almost completely finished and a bit of discipline means we got finished without the usual detritus laying around out of place when LP went home. 

First there was ground clearance:

Followed by unaccustomed clearing up as we went:

I did very little - occasionally held a bit of wood, or wandered off for supplies, but mostly played with Daisy or pottered in the house:

Construction achieved without compromise from the very messy pile of materials which still exist behind the shed:

In a week or so LP and I will go to the local scrap yard and find some more steel sheeting to make the sides.  The ground next to the drive will be dug over and a hedge planted to screen the new bin.  It's been a rather good day :-)


  1. I'm thinking that must be another compost bin? Love the large buddleia at the rear of it and the photo of Daisy with her ball, whick looks in good condition still. Hope the rest of the week goes as well. Take care.

    1. Yes Susan, one bin with 'ready to use' compost, one 'cooking' and one bin 'being filled'.

      Daisy only acquired that ball yesterday so she's not yet had time to destroy it properly!

  2. It could have been entitled the return of LP!

    1. Thanks Sue, not sure why I didn't get notified of your comment. Yes, I know I said LP was finished for a while, but when did anything stay the same at Bag End ? :-)

  3. Looks super. Nothing is a happier sight than a good compost pile, LOL.


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