Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The "F" word

Oops, bad blogger . . . should really have updated this a week ago.  But moving swiftly on, the good news is that the weather forecast was wrong, although not by much.  In the greenhouse the overnight temperature dropped to 4.1ยบC  which is FAR too cold for this time of year.  If it was 4 degrees under glass it could well have been 2 or 3 out in the garden.

There's a great deal I ought to be recording right now, but I just can't seem to shake myself to do it.  Daisy is generally well although her skin/hayfever problems continue despite daily antihistamines backed up with local honey and constantly being wiped down to remove anything which might get on her coat when she's outside.  A trip to the vet is booked for Thursday, I except we'll be back on a low dose of steroids to get her over the current itchy eruption.  Found a bare patch of skin on her leg this morning, poor girl has chewed off the hair in the last 24 hours.  I feel so sorry for her, so guess who has been permitted to "win" the "I want to lay under your desk" battle?

I've continued to make slow but steady progress in the garden but the weather this summer is not helping.  Must rouse myself to go outside with the camera . . .


  1. Wow - 4oC is cold - for summer!!! We're only just beginning to hit that here.

  2. Your temps are so close to ours of a night time which is ridiculous. I must admit that it's only about 3deg here at 7am this morning and will probably only reach 9/10 today. Hope Daisy is OK and give her lots of huggles from me. I'm not enthusiastic about being in the garden at the moment as it's as I said so cold, overcast and damp. Must be age creeping up on me, wanting to stay warm all the time (giggle). Take care and good luck for the trip to the vet.

  3. Dani, Susan, thanks for commenting. We've not had a prolonged warm spell yet (and it's already mid July : glum face) so there's no residual heat in the ground. A very strange weather year :-(

  4. Crikey that is a low temperature and poor Daisy I hope that the vet can help?

    1. Sue, apologies for not replying sooner. Daisy is doing well, thank you, we're currently experimenting to find the lowest dose of anti-histamine/steroid that keeps her comfortable.


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