Tuesday, 7 July 2015

So what happened to regular blogging?

Been busy here, but "nice busy" as opposed to frenetic, exhausting, never-ending busy.  I've spent quite a few hours in the garden getting as much planted as possible, and nearly everything is now in the ground.  The few annuals which haven't made it yet might well find themselves on the compost heap.

At some point it would be sensible to take some photos .....

Yesterday I completely blitzed my study.  As I get older I seem to be becoming a very untidy person and I absolutely hate it.  When I'm surrounded by clutter I can't think, can't relax, and my productivity take a nosedive to zero.  My study always seems to be the dumping ground for things I don't know what to do with, or piles of paper that need "sorting" and it had got to the point where I didn't even want to go in the room.  A big problem is that the room has to do double-duty and houses the longarm machine which takes up a fair amount of space.  After a lovely walk along the river yesterday morning which kept Daisy satisfied for a few hours I set to and moved every single thing.  Including the longarm (but that's on sliders and doesn't weigh as much as you might think).

Much has been evicted from the room and won't be coming back.  Cockermouth charity shops will be gaining many bags of book when I next go into town.  By the end of the day things were neat and tidy and for the first time in ages I actually want to come and sit at the computer.

There's still another pair of curtains to hang, and a wall which needs painting now I've moved the bookcases which were installed when we arrived here and hadn't been moved since.  For the time being I'm ignoring the massive pile of books and magazines in the sitting room (telling myself I am going to read them!) and the ghastly pile of paperwork which is now on the kitchen table (telling myself I'm going to deal with it!)

And there's a silly dog who really, really wants to lay under my desk even though there is a perfectly comfortable bed only four feet away tucked safely under the sewing machine ....

And now the sun is trying to come out so we're off to Crummock :-)


  1. Boy, oh boy, who are you talking about? Me or you! Seems neither of us likes clutter, but we let it build up, even if neat and tidy. Our charity shops are still doing well out of us and there still seems to be a lot to left to do, but slowly I think is best for me and I've given myself 12 months to be really free of "stuff". Maybe your "long-arm system", will even get a work out.(eh!) Hope the rest of the week goes as well and take care.

    1. From talking to others Susan, I think we're not alone. I've realised "stuff builds up" if, at the time I have finished with something, I think I am too busy to put it away properly. It would be wonderful if I could get into the habit of clearing up as I go.

  2. I must declutter my wardrobe of clothes that I haven't worn for years

    1. I did that a few months ago Sue; I find you have to wait until "the mood" is right and then grab the moment quick!

  3. As you know I've just done a similar exercise. The challenge for both of us now is to keep it looking like that. Possibly best we don't compare notes. I know who would win.

    1. Let's not compete {{smile - I hate to lose!}} but support each other instead.

      What's your secret for keeping a clear desk? Mine is currently to put the "needs attention" pile on my chair and the "waiting for other people" pile in my Filofax. Both were strewn across the kitchen table until this afternoon which is unsustainable . . .


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