Friday, 31 July 2015

Mundane and minutiae

In the last post I mentioned minutiae which the dictionary sums up as:
the small, precise, or trivial details of something, details, niceties, subtleties, finer points.

I'm definitely into small and subtle right now, there has definitely not been enough of either of late.  Most of this year, or perhaps the last few years, has been huge big stuff.  But now we're moving to a different phase, more like the life we (stupidly?) thought we would have when we moved 350 miles north.  OK, in hindsight, those dreams were always attainable, it's just that too much house renovation and garden building pushed them to the background.

So here's the minutiae of some of Daisy's regular walks.  Even saying that makes me smile - once upon a time to do just a couple of these walks whilst on holiday would have sent me back to Hampshire with a huge grin on my face; now we have them on the doorstep every single day (weather permitting).

A rare moment of sunshine at the back of Sale Fell

Something's caught her attention on the Fangs Brow path

Clearly she needs no help or instruction when it comes to ladder stiles

Closer to home, a footbridge that absolutely terrified her in the early days

Plenty of other walks at the usual places - Ennerdale, Latrigg, Lorton, Crummock Water, but either no camera or no nice pictures.


  1. Lovely. Hope you get in lots of walking before the weather starts turning and take your camera too. No walk for us today as it is already bucketing down, though not particularly cold. Have a good weekend and take care.

    1. Thanks Susan, sorry you're having bad weather too :-{

  2. That first photo of Daisy us absolutely gorgeous. You must be really proud seeing her confidence grow.

    1. Thank you Sue. Yes, we are delighted with how Daisy has settled, although recently she's had another 'growth spurt' in terms of self confidence and vocalisation and is becoming rather assertive at times! Utterly adorable though :-)

  3. I agree with Sue, that first photo of Daisy looking relaxed and happy and just enjoying the sunshine is lovely ,,, just says it all really!

    1. It's been too long since you saw her Jill, she's changing all the time as she continues to grow in confidence and cheekiness. It's not all quiet relaxing in the sun (which she loves), sometimes there is raucous, assertive woofing and messing around in a very "I am your Little Miss Perfect so I want my own way" sort of way:-)

      Never known a dog quite like this one; she doesn't have Ollie's intelligence and problem-solving abilities but she's a joy to live with.


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