Monday, 22 June 2015

Dog walk

No occasion, no fanfare, just getting (slightly) organised and heading off for Sale Fell immediately after breakfast instead of the usual fannying around achieving nothing and then being surprised that it's nearly 12 o'clock.

Daisy and I did the whole route and it was lovely to find I wasn't knackered.  There have been times in the past when, for whatever reason, walking up this little hill was just too much effort but today we had a steady pace, a gentle rhythm and all of a sudden we were at the top and heading off down to Lothwaite.

Biscuits for her, a banana for me, and sitting in complete stillness and silence, just relaxing.   According to the Viewranger stats which don't seem to transfer when you upload a track we were stationery for 29 minutes.  There was a bit of a breeze when we sat down but until then neither of us had needed a coat, which makes a change this year. 

There was a half-hearted attempt to catch that tail, she never succeeds.

All weeks should start like this and with not much effort on my part (weather permitting) they could :-)


  1. Does she ever try and chase her ears? ;-)

    1. {{giggle}} not that we've noticed .... she does "talk" with them though. Those huge ears have many different positions depending upon what mood she's in (or how strong the wind is!!)


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