Saturday, 9 May 2015

The beginning of the end

Today marked 'the beginning of the end'.  LP is waiting anxiously to find out if he has been successful with his recent job application. The fact that we, and numerous of his friends with whom I've spoken, think he is totally barking crazy and making a big mistake is neither here nor there.  When he gets "an idea" there is no stopping him, no talking sense into him, no diverting him from his purpose.  So, he worked today, and will be here Thursday and Friday to tackle a big project - new paths.  Decent bark chip is becoming increasingly harder to source and not lasting as long before it rots, albeit into very satisfactory soil conditioner.  So, on Friday - weather permitting - we're going to start with 10 tons of sub-base and see how far it goes.  And when we run out, the wagon will go back to a nearby quarry and collect more.

Today's work was to ensure we have solid edges everywhere the new material is to be laid.

We were able to use up kerbstones (surplus when we decided not to re-assemble the old wooden greenhouse) to reinforce the pond edge.  It looks very stark from the path side but most of this will be covered on Friday.  From the 'inside' it hardly looks like we've touched the edge:-

Timber in other places:-

I shifted a good quantity of old bark, but there's much more to do before the end of the week.

Daisy 'supervised'.  Clearly she found it very tiring.

Even if LP does not get the job, this week is going to be the last time he works here for the foreseeable future.  I can no longer cope with hours spent in the garden but no time spent with plants.  There is no sense in creating such a beautiful garden and having no opportunity to sit in it and enjoy the space and it is pure lunacy to be considering upgrading my Canon DSLR when all I currently have time to do is take quick snapshots of work in progress.   I know I've said this before and then slipped back onto the hamster wheel, but this time I really mean it.  The list of 'big projects' waiting to be started is remarkably small and there is nothing here that I need or want to deal with.

I also have a very, very big need to be in control of my own schedule.  For the past few months there have been too many days when, even though the weather was conducive to going fell-walking or just pottering around the garden, that same weather has allowed it to be an "LP day" and I've been forced into Supervisory Skills.  That's another problem, over the last year or so we have found that without direct and constant supervision, LP's attention wanders off the task and either very little gets done, or what is accomplished is not exactly what he was asked to do . . .

So today was definitely "the beginning of the end".  Whilst it will be very strange not to have our friend here every week helping to create the most amazing outdoor space, I cannot wait to have the place to myself :-)


  1. Hope all goes well for LP and that you reclaim your own time. We'll love seeing photos again of all your walking on the fells. It always gives me a thrill to open Bag End blog and see lakes and mountains and of course the "garden" with its stunning views. Take care.

    1. Oh, "spot on" comment Susan, thank you. Yes, "reclaiming" my time and space is what this is all about.

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    1. Something which has been badly lacking the past few months,

  3. Happy Birthday Jayne ,,, don't work too hard today ,,, hope the sun shines for you. The garden is looking lovely ,,, a bit less construction work and a bit more nurturing (for you too) now ,,, maybe!

    1. Thanks Jill. It was a good day and I didn't work hard in the garden :}


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