Monday, 25 May 2015

Not too shabby

A quiet and thoroughly enjoyable Bank Holiday.  Much pottering around in the garden and not a camera in sight.  Despite lack of pictorial evidence I accomplished (nearly) everything I set out to do.  All the grass has been cut, new membrane laid throughout the big fruit cage, and a couple of other areas tidied up ready for the slate chippings which are due first thing tomorrow.

Daisy hasn't been left out of all the activity; the usual local walks near the river, a trip to the beach at Allonby, and before supper this evening we had a lovely hour at Crummock Water.  Whilst it was probably very busy down by the lake during the day we enjoyed complete peace and quiet and didn't see anyone else.

For a local dog walk, it's not too shabby :-)



  1. Daisy is becoming quite the supermodel when it comes to posing,

    1. Thank you Sue, she does get a fair bit of practice!

  2. Daisy is such a lucky girl having such beautiful surroundings for her walks, it makes a beautiful backdrop to the photos you take of her.

    1. Cheers Jo. We have a hunch that her previous home was very urban and often wonder what she makes of her "new life" :-}


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