Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Not exactly as planned

In typical Bag End fashion, the 'plan' did not go according to plan.  The stoneyard ran out of slate chippings and Walter could only bring 4 tons this morning.  That was quickly spread in the big fruit cage (we used much more than expected, but hey, it means the job will only need doing once), and just had enough to cover the little seating area by the Top Pond.  The chippings are currently covered in quarry dust and will be a completely different colour after some rain.

Walter drove away by 10.00, but LP on stayed for a couple of hours.  That gained us four huge paving slabs for a bench to rest on, and the removal of a self-sown yew in the veg patch (which Sue says is now grand enough to be called a Potager) and an adjacent huge stump which used to be cotoneaster.   I'm not happy at taking out the yew but it was the wrong plant in the wrong place adding nothing to the area and only going to get bigger and bigger;  it's removal gives me room to squeeze in a fourth apple tree.

By lunchtime LP was gone too, and no-one is returning until the chippings are back in stock.   A chance to breath out and relax . . . . only I'd been up since 05.30 (couldn't sleep for some reason) and was knackered, and the fact that once again a job didn't get finished when expected left me completely deflated.  I don't know whether the guys will be back this week, next week, or when.  It didn't help that a neighbour "just popped in" to see how the job had gone and timed his unexpected visit to the exact moment when I sat down in the sun with a mug of tea, lunch and my Kindle.  I may not have been a convivial host . . .

Grumble, grumble, whinge, bellyache and moan.

I'm not really as ungrateful and grumpy as that sounds.  We are so very lucky to be able to do all this and have created a wonderful outdoor space which is really beginning to enhance the house.  It's just I'm tired, and in best Bardot "I want to be left alone".


  1. Oh how frustrating - I hope they are back soon

    1. I know they will be back as soon as they can Sue. As you say, it's frustrating, but that's all it is. I was reading a blog last night (I think you also visit it) written by a Scottish lady on a small island whose husband has just had to go into a hospice. She commented of her small son "he knows where this is going" which brought me to a standstill.

      Now that's something to worry about. A lorry load of slate chippings is not :-(

  2. Oh, girl, being left alone is sometimes the ONLY thing that will restore your soul and spirit. You have done wonders in your gardens and I sure hope you'll be enjoying your labors more real soon.

    1. Sue, thanks for saying that because sometimes I wonder if I'm more than a little strange in really NEEDING to be alone. M. has been out for the last couple of days at meetings and having the place to myself and not having to supervise LP has been an absolute joy. I've got so much done!


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