Thursday, 21 May 2015

Extreme path building

First the weather forecast gave us rain for the next ten days, and then it didn't, so unexpected progress was made.  Not quite how I had planned to spend the week having hoped to have the place to ourselves and room to breath (and sleep in in the mornings) but every bit of progress takes me closer to the day when we can close the gate on vans and trailers for the time being.

LP went into manic-soil-shifting mode and dug out the uneven ground around the shed and vegetable beds.  I might want his all too frequent presence in the garden to end but without his endless hard work and ability to move heavy loads hour after hour there is no way we'd have the garden we have now.

I helped out with edging and membrane laying.

Even the so-called 'working area' in front of the shed was cleared out.  Is there any Universe in which I might manage to keep this area tidy and not revert to using it as a general dumping ground?

It's all feeling a bit surreal, far too tidy and not like my garden at all.

And then Walter's lorry arrived, full of sub-base.  And it was emptied.  And sent off for another half-load.  And by the time everyone went home on Thursday afternoon we had 31 tons of water-permeable hard surface on all our paths.  Sheesh.  Thank Crunchy we should only have to do this job once.

The pretty stuff to go on top arrives Tuesday, weather permitting.


  1. Look forward to seeing what your 'top course' is like - you were right to put in all the prep, although I would guess that it has turned 'dressing the paths' into a bigger job than originally envisioned!

    1. Thanks Hazel, the top course is Cumbrian slate chippings, theoretically small enough to be comfortable to walk on but too big to be walked into the house in the tread of shoes.

      Yes, what was meant to be a relatively quick job before LP left for pastures new became a much bigger project, but in this garden nothing is small and easy :-{

  2. Look, if LP gets bored or barred from you place, tell him I'll send him a plane ticket to Ohio. OMG that man is a miracle!

    1. I've told him before. He thinks we're joking :-}


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