Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A new tarn for Daisy

Anyone would think our Tarns Project had completely dried up given the scarcity of water-focussed walks of late.  However, with no vans or lorries on the drive and the chance of a few hours before the forecast rain arrived, Daisy and I headed south this morning for a local tarn.

Cogra Moss is only 10 miles from home but in the 2½ years Daisy has lived with us she's never been here.  It's a quiet place, generally avoided by tourists and frequented mostly by fishermen and locals.  It was a bit too cold and windy to follow David Hall's route which takes in a couple of summits, we'll do that another day.  Instead we had a lovely leisurely 4 mile bimble which did us both a great deal of good.

We didn't see the osprey, but did get a glimpse of a beautiful red squirrel and on two occasions a Jay flew past us.

It takes a couple of bribes biscuits to get her to pose:

In the shelter of the trees there was much to see, I wonder if I'll remember to come back in a few months time when the bleaberries are ripe?

Evidence of just how strong the wind can get

It really was a super little walk, not very long but quite enough given that neither of us has been out much recently and Daisy is a little "under the weather", we think with hayfever; and it's always good when the promised rain arrives just as I'm closing the car door to start our journey home :-)


  1. Just catching up on blog reading now that we have internet again. Paths are looking good and can't wait to see more photos when finished. Your walk looks like something I need at the moment, and lucky the rain held off till you left. We've just had some thunder and a shower of rain, a bit out of the blue, though it was a gorgeous day today and quite warm after a long cool spell, which returns over the weekend. It's not as cold here as Ballarat and much greener most of the time. I'll post hopefully over the weekend. Take care.

    1. Hope your move went well, good that you are back online so quickly. Sounds like you are already happy to be back on 'home turf'.

  2. That flower looks very much like a lupin!

  3. I never thought about dogs having hayfever. Archie can get quite snuffly at times, well, he's quite snuffly all the time actually because he's got a short snout but some times more than others. I shall have to see if it coincides with a high pollen count. I bet Daisy loved going on a new walk, Archie always likes to go somewhere new, lots of different smells and new places to check out.

    1. Humph - why isn't Google "telling me" about all the comments, you must think I'm so rude not saying thank you.

      Daisy has had a short course of steroids to kick start the healing, and is also on anti-histamines and natural honey. I'll write about it all soon. If you do some Googling it would appear that hayfever is quite common in dogs, especially early in the year because of tree pollen.

  4. What a beautiful walk ... I so miss the Lakes since my daughter moved on after her year in Ullverstone, we're both agreed we want to live up there.

    Amazing things happening in your garden!

    1. Hi Annie, so lovely to hear from you - Google grumble above also applies to you - sorry, did not realise you had written.

      Ulverston is lovely, we don't get down that far very often. I definitely recommend living up here {grin}, it's not perfect but miles better than being "down South".


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