Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wednesday's back-log blitz

Much, much time was spent yesterday just getting organised.  Hundreds of JPGs were renamed and sorted into date order.  For a while I thought about only processing those which related to stuff LP had done here but eventually I decided that wouldn't work.  I'll do all the catching up - which will make me feel great - and creating a sub-set for LP will naturally fall out of what is completed, so it's a win-win.

Planting asparagus
A short story about poultry poo
Squirrel visits

May saw huge progress with our 2014 'big project' - creating the "New Garden":

* An afternoon with an angle grinder

*   Writing about our new windows was hard - just like childbirth I'd managed to forget the pain and misery.  Those special memories are right back now though!

*   It was a joy to see the demolition of those horrible steps.

*   A couple of days later, we re-united the unbeatable 2011 team of Tipsy-Dipsy and Laa Laa.  Oh what fun we had . . . or rather, what fun they had whilst I stood around and took photographs as Part Two of the demolition took place.

*   After demolition there was excavation.  Goodness, we know how to have fun at weekends.

And that is quite enough for one day.  265 JPGs dealt with, only another 812 to go . . .

And finally, here's today's gratuitous Daisy-picture on a visit to Windermere last September with M's Mum.


  1. It's fascinating to look back over old pictures and see just how everything has changed. I bet you have hundreds of photos of Daisy don't you?.

    1. Lovely comment Sue, thank you. No I don't have hundreds of Daisy pictures - I have thousands! Thanks to your comment I just looked at those from her first 3 / 4 months with us. Oh boy, has she changed :-)

      Sorry to have been AWOL from GLA for a while, once I am no longer preoccupied with this catchup I will have time to visit again.


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