Monday, 6 April 2015

That will do for now

A promise is a promise, but clearing all the photo back-log wasn't going to happen over Easter if I wanted to do anything else.  Looking at the pictures left to sort out, I realised that it wasn't going to take long to just focus on the garden ones.

So here goes:

An indication that our "big build" was just about over - two trailer loads of rubbish taken away.

LP doesn't mind using the angle grinder, so he cut metal plant supports to length for me.

Moving briskly to September, there was a lot of carpentry.  Some of it from LP, some of it from Patersons

October - more progress in the New Garden

Despite what seemed like endless rain, we had a good tidy-up in early November.

The remainder mostly feature Daisy and various walks, with a rare and occasional visit to the sewing machine.  I'll get to them next time it rains :-)

In the meantime, during one of the many sunny March days we've just enjoyed, Daisy perfected the art of sleeping sitting up :-}


  1. I can sleep sitting up too. Now I need to try perfecdt it standing

    1. Somewhere there is a photo of me doing exactly that . . . I wouldn't recommend it, I was propped up alongside a bar and there was a lot of tequila involved . . . it was also many, many, many years ago!

  2. I think I fell asleep walking down from Scafell Pike once many years ago. One minute I was walking, the next I was on the ground and I don't remember tripping or falling. Luckily it was on level ground near Stockley Bridge!! A great catch up Jayne ,,, congratulations! Those metal plant supports look a great idea :-)


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