Friday, 17 April 2015

Progress, at a price

The weather continues to be lovely and we continue to make progress on the landscaping.  LP did not get the job which he interviewed for last week, so for now we continue 'as normal' although he's applied for something else and I have a strong suspicion that this time he'll be successful.   Cutting the grass has become a priority because Daisy has, once again, reacted to something and the bare skin on her tummy was red, inflamed and very itchy.  We think it's buttercups so she is on a very low dose of steroid to calm things down and a herbal 'nutria-ceutical' which is mean to be anti-allergenic.  Whilst I'm sorry to behead the buttercups just as the bees are starting to forage, Daisy has to take priority.

So, onto the litany of "look at me, haven't we made good progress in the garden" which at present it feels like an endless refrain and I'm fed up with it.  I can't quite work out how to say this without sounding extraordinarily ungrateful and deserving of a good slap, which is why there's not been much on the blogging front for the last week or so.  I am thrilled with how, generally, the garden is shaping up (conveniently ignoring the Cottage Garden which is rapidly going feral!)  I am more than thrilled to be in such a fortunate position, and actually to have the time and resources to do all this.  But, it's now been seven endless years and I want it to be over.

I don't want to have a continual list of construction work that requires someone else who is bigger, stronger and fitter than me to actually implement.

All I want is to garden; to grow things, to tend our plants, to wander around and weed or dead-head, to plan what needs splitting, propagating, pruning.  But the price I must currently pay for all the landscaping progress is to struggle to find the time to do the fun stuff, although I am staying sane by telling myself that this is the last season (hopefully) we will be doing groundwork.  "Just keep telling yourself that, honey".

So, after a bit of childish belly-aching and whinging, what's happening at Bag End?

Well, I've planted out the first section of box hedging, I already love how it looks.  Apparently box responds well to a good seaweed feed every couple of weeks and doing so can keep the dreaded blight at bay - got to be worth a try.

I also moved far more logs than is probably good for me (or my shoulders).

We hopefully no longer have a drainage problem going from the nursery area to the Cottage Garden.  LP collected and moved a ton of "sub-base" which, when compacted, should give us a firm and water-permeable surface.  Eventually all our paths are going to be finished like this but this little section couldn't wait.

LP and I had a major clear-out of the area behind our shed where the compost bins used to be.   Daisy is included in this rubbish photo for scale - LP excavated around the edge of a huge tree stump.

The big tarp?  That's for tomorrow.

An extremely silly picture of Daisy is included because I love the way the light falls on her ear :-)


  1. That stump is huge. As you say it wasn't untik I spotted Daisy that the scale of it registered. At forst I thought si where is Daisy? I expected a larger version. Will you (LP) grind it out

    1. Hi Sue, if you think the stump is big imagine the tree that grew on top of it! And only 15 feet from our neighbour's gable wall . . .

      It's been ground out - tree surgeon was here today.


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