Saturday, 25 April 2015

Pond edging

Thanks to the incredible bounty of our recent 'log delivery' I have finally been able to create a neat finish around the far edge of the Big Pond.  The idea is fairly simple and copies the Top Pond, the only difference being here I've used logs and up by the house I had stone to work with.

Once I'd worked out what to do (and had the materials for it), the whole job was fairly straightforward.  The logs I've used are generally about five or six inches in diameter and a row was laid around the pond edge.

Soil from the edge of the compost heap (I think it was spare turf before composting) was piled into the channel I created.

Small ivy planted, and a topping of decent compost.

With a little help from LP's chainsaw, more logs on top to cover the soil.  Hopefully in two or three years time the ivy will have covered the logs creating lots of interesting spaces where frogs and newts can be safe.  If the ivy grows into the grass then lawn-mowing will keep it in check, although does it really matter if a lovely evergreen really useful plant stretches its legs a bit :-)

Unusually for a weekend LP was with us today but it was too damp this morning for him to help Management as planned.  Therefore he and I set to moving the rest of the logs off the driveway and at the bottom of the pile came across two huge pieces, both 'interesting shapes'.  We had fun messing with the pond edge to position them and the end result is terrific.

It's also terrific to have the drive clear and another huge log pile safely tucked away at the top of the garden :-)


  1. That does look good and perfectly in keeping with the surroundings :)

    1. Thanks Jessica, the cut edges look a bit 'clean' at present but I hope it will soon blend in. The important thing is covering the pond liner which is something I always find hard to do (and make it look half natural).

  2. Just doing some catchup and loved your walk on last post and think the pond is looking great. Can't wait to start on my new garden as it has a little pond too. Oh, BTW, 21deg is not hot! (giggle). It's actually been quite cool here for April and feels more like the middle of winter at the moment with some days feeling like about 5 - 7 deg during the day, because of the wind chill factor and the cloud cover. Hope you're having a great week and take care.

    1. Susan, your new garden looks like a lovely spot. 21 degrees is quite hot enough for us when it's still April :-)


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