Tuesday, 21 April 2015

"Just" a local dog walk

There have been very few walking posts recently, but Daisy and I have still been getting out two or three times each week, even if I don't take photos and write about it.  On Tuesday I'd thought about following David Hall's route around Cogra Moss and up to Blake but two minutes down the road and the car registering over 21 degrees nixed that plan.  Instead we had a gentle bimble around Holme Wood where we could stay under the trees and get some shade.

Not exactly hard-core fell walking but who cares?  Daisy certainly didn't seem to mind :-)


  1. That's more my kind of walk as I'm not a hard core girl. :)

  2. I was going to say exactly the same as Sue! The scenery against that stunning blue sky would be enough for me.

  3. Thanks Ladies, I'm not sure I am very hard core these days either :-) I met no-one whilst I was on the higher paths in the woods and it was blissfully quiet. On walks like this I still pinch myself that weather permitting I can come to somewhere like this every day. When are you going to join me?

  4. Looks like you and Miss Daisy had a wonderful ramble through a lovely place. Just being out there was the important thing, not how far or how hard the trip was.

    1. Sue, sorry not to have thanked you sooner for this comment. You're spot on - just being outside in the peace and quiet was enough


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