Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Nine days

I have just nine days in which to get all last year's photo back-log sorted, processed, and blog-ready . . .

There's only a few of them . . .

It goes like this:  the novelty of working for himself has worn off and LP applied for what he calls a 'proper job'.  Over the years I have given LP copies of all the garden photos which he proudly takes to family parties to show people what he's been up to.  The work he has done at Bag End is very relevant to the job application and I promised him that I would have all the photos sorted and up-to-date in time for an interview, should he be selected.

He's got an interview on 10th April.

So I've got nine days . . .

Nothing like a bit of pressure to make me get off my backside!  In truth it's absolutely the last thing I feel like doing right now but a promise is a promise and he's a good friend without whom I wouldn't have a garden. 

Expect an awful lot of blog updates over Easter :-) 

This little one has nothing to do with anything but I like the picture :}


  1. Ouch - even that carefully selected number is a lot of pics...

    Good luck :)

    1. Not a problem Dani, I reckon 80% will get deleted once I have looked through them properly.

  2. I'm not so worried about the photo part, but to who is going to help in the garden..................? OK, after the 10th, we'll Skype and have some us time (giggle), if I can wake you up long enough. Don't overdo it, take care and lots of huggles for you and luck for LP.

  3. Gorgeous photo. Potentially losing LP Eek!

  4. Susan and Sue - I am not worried. LP promises that if he gets this job, which will finish around 4.00pm in the summer, then he’s going to pop in for a couple of hours at a time on his way home, weather permitting. I am not sure whether than will actually happen, but I believe HE believes it will happen. I’m not going to worry about anything until I know if I have anything to worry about, no point, just a waste of energy :-)

  5. and the bright side is that it will clear a lot of the backlog and free up space for more!

    1. Thanks Sue, and think of all the extra time I might have when I am not doing multiple backlog posts!


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