Friday, 6 March 2015

Lots of little things

Well, that's a rubbish post title if ever I saw one, there is no such thing as a "little thing" in this garden however, by Bag End standards this week a few smallish jobs have been ticked off the list.

Last year I must have moved some soil from an area full of seed because one section of one raised vegetable bed had grown a large crop of self-sown Ox-Eye Daisy and Self Heal.  It took two afternoons but I removed all of them and they're in pots and trays waiting to be relocated.  There's about twice as much as in these pictures.

LP was only here for one day because the weather hasn't been co-operative but he spent most of it on 'old, half-rotted bark chip removal'.  He's cleared the nursery area, and a very wet section leading to the Cottage Garden.  All that nearly composted goodness has to go somewhere so we've mulched the vegetable beds (which is why I'd finally got off my bottom and moved the volunteer plants :-} ) .  

He also boosted the edging on a small bed (which is going to be known as the Topiary Bed) and cleared off the most rotted section of path near the Big Pond, putting the old stuff on the Topiary Bed and at the end of the lawn where I'm trying to build up the ground.  Somewhere in the blog-lag I may have missed the planting of three yews, originally found as self-sown plants, which are destined for significant shaping and silliness! 

As the tree surgeon we used last year has disappeared off the face of the earth (a normal West Cumbrian phenomena) it's taken a while to track down an alternative supply of bark chip.  This stuff is not going to last long before it too rots away to compost - it may be time for a significant rethink about our paths.

The tree stump which LP took out of the vegetable patch plus some discs of leylandii which had started to rot have found a new home near the Big Pond.

Finally, I planted ivy at the bottom of every upright on the New Garden fence.


  1. That was a lovely post about the garden and you've certainly been busy over the past week or so. All those new raised veg beds should look great once planted out and can't wait to see the summer pics when it is all so lush. I particularly like the photo looking from the lattice area to that distant view. Can't see any flowering bulbs yet? Hope you have a lovely weekend and take care.

    1. Hi Susan, daffodils are coming through now but I don't have much else in the way of spring bulbs. I'm not really a huge fan of bulbs and half of what I do plant get eaten by the mice :-{

  2. Loving to see your progress ,,, you are a literal kick up my backside and a much needed injection of enthusiasm. My garden is a MESS at the moment but I'm not despairing too much. Baby steps to start getting it back under control again! Self heal and moles have tried to take over but they will not win!

    1. Self heal can get very enthusiastic here too, and if the moles come back this Spring I am ready for them.

      Hope you feel up to getting outside soon. Definitely getting lighter in the evenings, I got distracted by the big pond yesterday afternoon, started scooping out algae and it was 6.45pm when I came in!


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