Monday, 30 March 2015

Daisy world

A glimpse into the daily life, between 16th - 30th March, of a most spoilt, adored little girl.

Daisy as mountain goat on a steep bit of path above Crummock Water

Late afternoon stroll down by the river


A windy morning at the beach - must have been chilly for the coats to have been doubled up

Back at Crummock, just for a change

Keeping an eye on the gardening

A sunset stroll from Fangs Brow

Windswept on Sale Fell

This is only a brief glimpse into Daisy world. We are out every single day but I don't take the camera on every walk, and sometimes I don't take pictures when I do have a camera in my pocket.


  1. Fabulous ,,, I wonder if she realises how lucky she is!

    1. Sometimes I think she does, but mostly I am not sure what goes on in her little head :-)


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