Saturday, 7 March 2015

Collective noun?

Is there a collective noun for a ludicrous number of frogs?  I think we've cornered the market in frogs and frog spawn this Spring.  All three ponds have significant clumps which has been added to by an elderly neighbour who recently moved from her large house to a smaller place in Cockermouth.  She wants to fill in the tiny pond in her new garden and asked me if I'd do a rescue and relocation.

Every night for the last week Daisy and I have (unintentionally) disturbed large numbers of frogs when we've gone out in the evenings.  One night I counted over 30 in just the Top Pond and there were nearly the same number in the Big Pond.  Impossible to photograph in the dark, but during this morning's rain we saw a few stragglers.  I wish I'd thought to take some video and see if I could record the 'frog chorus' that could be heard if I managed to creep up without disturbing them.

I wanted to create a wildlife garden - looks like the amphibians are happy with construction so far :-}


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    1. There are worse things to be over-run with, and the survival rate isn't good with Great Diving Beetle around :-{

  2. The collective for your frogs is "a knot of frogs". This is in a little book I have called A collection of collective nouns, A Parliament of Owls, by Penguin. It's a great little book. Would love to hear the crokey chorus. Take care.

    1. Ah, thanks for that. I thought it was 'army of frogs' which could give us a squadron of tadpoles?

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    1. I've eaten a few strange things in my time Jill, but never Cuisses de Grenouille and I don't intend to start now!


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