Tuesday, 31 March 2015

A small start

So why bother, some of these pictures are nearly a year old, what's the point?

Well the point is that first and foremost, the blog is my garden journal (with other stuff creeping in).  It's a public blog second and whilst I love the visitors and connections it gives me, even if no-one apart from Management ever looked at it, I would still maintain The View from Bag End.  It's going to be quite a bit of work over the next few days to get up-to-date but if I don't do this, in future years, I'm the one who will feel short-changed  over the missing months.

No-one else needs to feel they have to go and look at 'old stuff' but because these entries are too old to show up in Feedly or Bloglovin, then here's some links so that, if nothing else *I* can see what I've caught up with!


Red Squirrel

Cottage Garden in June

Fruit Cage

The weather - again

Daisy on Sale Fell

Despite all the garden work this month, which has been much more than we might have expected, and some fairly horrible weather on occasions, just to prove a Certain Small Person has not been neglected and is still getting out about about!

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