Thursday, 19 February 2015

The garden has been getting on with it without me

This week Rain Stopped Play.  I confess to being pleased when I woke up in the night to hear it raining and that the wind had not let up.  LP wasn’t surprised when I phoned him at 7.00am to say “it’s still chucking it down, sorry, we can’t work outside today” but that is the nature of being self-employed and working outdoors.  Is it wrong to enjoy ‘rain days’?  Even though I love being outside, and walking on the fells normally makes any day 100% better, I also love bonus days when I get to hunker down inside, catch up on housework, computer stuff, read blogs and generally just potter around or to suddenly get on with plans which have been on the back-burner for too long.

By 11.00am Tuesday I’d moved two bookcases, a large sofa and a big armchair (and used clever sliders to do it all and therefore not buggered up my back any further).  This is all part of the ‘Simplify’ thing.  I’ve opened up the room and the bookcases are no longer blocked so we can get to them and have a much needed tidy-up and sort out.  All the DVD’s are now visible whereas before they were mostly hidden - perhaps we might watch some of them now?  I rounded off the day by a visit to a local garage and might, just might, have found our next car ….  don’t want to say any more and jinx the process.

The ‘Simplify’ bug was still evident on Wednesday as my study got a bit more tweaking.  A great deal of what I want to do needs to take place in this room but I eventually realised I don’t come in here any more often than I can help because I don’t like the way things were set up.  Hopefully I’m on the way to rectifying that, and new curtains (embarrassingly purchased a month ago but still in their bags) should complete the transformation.  Daisy and I had a little bimble up Ling Fell in the afternoon having decided that the chance to get a non-wet walk took priority over the curtains.

But whilst I didn’t get anything accomplished in the garden, nature has been busily making progress without me.


  1. The prospective study curtains have been in a box for seven years... worry ye not!

    1. Seven years you say? So I'm not doing so badly after all? ha ha ha

  2. I like to have cosy indoors days too when I don't feel driven to be outside just because the sun is shining! Your hellebores are magnificent. No sign of flowers on mine yet although I know they flower later usually around Easter time. The snowdrops are lovely too, they seem to have taken over the garden here and get better every year.

    1. Gosh, your hellebores are late, but definitely something to look forward to :-}


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