Thursday, 5 February 2015

Right, let's crack on

Well, I survived a 120-mile drive on Monday although Tuesday morning my back was a hell of a lot more painful than I'd like and I reckon the mad escapade which took me to Kirkby Stephen has probably set me back 2 or 3 days :{  BUT, it had to be done, I'm glad to have been able to do it, and there are a million folk worse off than me who would love their only problem to be a muscle spasm which will resolve in a couple of weeks.

We got a very welcome spell of high pressure so on Tuesday LP arrived bright and early to make progress on some work that we have had planned for a while, but not been able to start due to endless rain.  The first task was to level off an area next to the big shed.  This produced many barrows of good soil which we've used to (finally!) fill the raised bed next to the fruit cage.  The two end sections are destined for herbs so have a stone layer at the base and pea shingle mixed with the soil to improve drainage.  We're going to move the comfrey into the middle sections and hope that all the bees it attracts will then fly into the fruit cage to aid pollination.

Left over soil helped to build up the lawn by our Big Pond.  It's been quite horrible to mow this corner because the slope ended up steeper than expected, so we're fixing it :}  Still a way to go . . .

LP then made a start on moving the end section of our gigantic log pile.

Wednesday:  Lather, rinse and repeat, with a little assistance from noisy petrol-driven equipment.

We disturbed quite a few of the local residents, the most exciting of which was a weasel who darted in and out of the log pile in full view of all of us.  Of course, he/she did it when I didn't have a camera. 

Red sky at night?

Thursday:  Cover up the big log pile and clear the ground in front of it, putting all the bark and rubbish under a laurel hedge.  Within 20 minutes the blackbirds and wrens were firtling around at their new buffet.

Quick work with an angle grinder saw the old IBC tank base chopped off at the knees.  It is going to be reused next to the greenhouse.  The sharp bits of steel remaining in the ground are well covered up.  This is where we saw the weasel and I don't want Daisy charging in and slicing herself open again.

Much soil shifting as all the 'good stuff' from the old flower bed was moved into the veg beds which have, not surprisingly, sunk a lot since being filled last year.

There wasn't enough time left to split all the logs which he moved but couldn't stack on the new pile, so LP decided to deal with an inconveniently placed tree stump that's been due for demolition for some time; it didn't stand a chance.

When Madam wasn't bullying me into endless games of 'throw the ball all the way down the garden' she was sitting quietly sunbathing, usually with her eyes half closed :}


  1. Wow - that's one heck of a lot of work - well done!!! It looks excellent.

    I have raised bed envy - never mind tidy wood pile ;)

    1. Thanks Dani. I know how fortunate I am to have LP as a friend and that he wants to work here :} He can get through an amazing amount of work in relatively little time.

  2. Good progress outside Jayne. Some great photos ,,, love the wren. Still a fair bit of snow here but fed up of it now and of trying to walk on iced up footpaths!

    1. Cheers Jill, don't g and slip over . . . we don't need you poorly :}

  3. That's an incredible amount of work! Wow! Looks great!! And I love the pictures of the feathered friends :)

    1. Hi OE. Welcome to Bag End and thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, much appreciated :}
      LP is something of a human dynamo when he gets the bit between his teeth :}


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