Sunday, 22 February 2015

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents . . .

I have a track record of not being organised and failing to grow veggies successfully, so it was a tad unsettling to find myself as organised as I was last week.

After much consideration I’d pared the seed order down to just what we really liked to eat, and figured that any spare ground in the raised beds would be used for extra lettuces, or flowers.  In an exercise of extreme restraint, I bought seed potatoes from the local garden centre rather than ‘risking’ the annual Potato Day at Caldbeck where I knew the amount of choice and variety would confuse me completely and any plans or shopping list I’d arrived with would go straight to hell in a handcart.

Germination might be patchy, but the old collection of lettuce seed either needs using this year or replacing.

There was even a planting plan with pretty colours to assist the memory crop rotation in future years, and the potatoes are going to be grown in containers because digging them out of the raised beds is a right pain :}   Pretty planting plans and colour co-ordinated Post-Its might be a little OCD but I've tried 'back of an old envelope' or just keeping it all in my head and neither work. 

Saturday was the brightest, nicest day we’ve had for ages and I spent nearly all of it in the greenhouse.  Many hours later the glass was washed, raised beds ready to take trays of seedlings and the potting bench all neat and tidy with a new shelf. I abandoned the idea of making propagators from sheets of polystyrene and decided to go back to the original Bag End idea of using ‘mini greenhouses’ with tea lights to keep the temperature up.  It’s simple, effective, and has worked very well in the past. 


It was during a quick flit to the supermarket on Sunday morning that things went completely off the rails.  I had a rush of blood sugar to the brain and treated myself to a bag full of magazines (not all gardening, but the majority were) and spent a pleasant afternoon in front of the wood burner flicking through them whilst listening to gale force winds and watching the garden become increasingly submerged.  None of that was the problem - the problem is that between the 3 gardening magazines I acquired 14 packets of ‘free seeds’ only one of which was a duplication.  I guess that marks the point where my "restrained and organised" approach to vegetables in 2015 went completely off piste.

So much for all my restrained planning … back to the drawing board and the pretty coloured Post-Its!


  1. Oh, those raised beds - never mind the greenhouse - will, I'm sure, make the newly germinating veggies feel right at home :) Good luck :D

    1. Thanks Dani. I am slightly concerned I'm a bit early this year - we can still have snow and frost through to May.

  2. Very impressed by your enthusiasm and organisation ,,, you should have brilliant results. I think it was the seed packets on the magazines that tempted you to buy them really!!!


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