Saturday, 7 February 2015

Nibbling away at the Blog-Lag

I'd love to say 'beating' the blog-lag but that would be tempting fate.  There's a dreadful cold doing the rounds at present; LP had it last week, Management has suffered all this week, and now it is my turn.  I wanted to mess around in the greenhouse but the jelly which has replaced my leg bones and brain thinks otherwise so it's probably better to stay inside and mess around on the computer instead :} 

When I do get caught up and I *will* (positive mental attitude and all that) I wonder if I can *stay* caught up?

Camassia in May

Coppice in June


Afternoon stroll at Crummock water in June

Wild swimming in July

(don't expect any of these to pop up in a RSS reader - Bloglovin' and Feedly don't look this far back in time for new posts)


  1. The wild swimming photos are superb especially when enlarged. What a beautiful evening it was to take a dip. Strange that Daisy won't go in the water - every dog I have ever had couldn't wait to get in.

    1. Thanks Elaine, hope you're well.

      Something horrible obviously happened to Daisy before she came to us, she's always been very nervous of water. Getting her to walk in that far is HUGE progress and testament to how much she trusts us. For her first six months at Bag End she cringed every time I picked up the water bowl to refill it.

  2. Martyn has had some sort of flu/cold since before Christmas and still hasn't shaken it. hope yours goes quicker

    1. Poor Martyn, you're obviously working him too hard {smile}. Hope he gets better soon.


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