Thursday, 26 February 2015

Governed by the weather

Our two very different visits to Crummock Water recently showed that the weather is a changeable beast.  If I was asked to describe just one thing which characterises our live in Cumbria it would be “weather”.  The elements govern our lives and I generally think that is no bad thing, it’s how people have lived for thousands of years.  The development of modern urban living where people can do whatever they want regardless of conditions is a relatively new phenomena and I think as a society we are worse for it.  But up here, I might plan to go for a walk with Daisy, or to work in the garden, but if the weather has other plans then it’s not me who gets their own way.

Frankly, it was something of a small miracle that LP and I got the final vegetable bed built on Tuesday, achieving this much outside in February is a huge bonus and helps get me set up for the forthcoming growing season. Wednesday threatened to turn nasty all day but the continuing miracle allowed us (well, allowed LP!) to use the timber cut yesterday and create a mahoooosive cold frame in the nursery area.  Never in the history of Bag End has something happened so quickly!

(the mess up the front of the cold frame - the result of a night's torrential rain on very muddy ground, the bark chip badly needs replacing)

Thursday night and Friday morning were horrible - probably the best part of an inch of rain and it was far too wet first thing to be anywhere near the ground.

LP worked under cover and split all the logs remaining from moving part of the log pile at the beginning of the month.  It's unusual to have the log store almost full at this time of year but I'm not complaining :}

After lunch we lined the new veg bed with DPC but the ground is too wet to try and dig up any soil to go in it.  Instead, I took advantage of LP's van and went shopping.  I'm now stocked up on potting compost and didn't have to move any of the bags myself.  Lucky girl :-}


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