Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Appliances Online 1, John Lewis 0

Two busy people, one dog, outdoors a lot - we seem to create a great deal of laundry between the three of us and living in the wettest county in England means that drying outside is only possibly for a brief period each summer.  Therefore I am an environmental despoiler and rely heavily on a tumble dryer.  Sheets and towels draped over radiators is not an option in a house which would love to get damp and musty given the slightest opportunity.

It was obvious that my more-than-ten-year-old dryer was about to break down so on 1st February I did the usual online research and ordered a new one from John Lewis.  The stated delivery time was 3 - 5 days.  At teatime on 3rd February their "delivery partner" phoned with the good news that my dryer would arrive on . . .

fanfare, drumroll
Friday 13th February

I don't think so.  We're not in the remote Highlands and Islands but they will only deliver to West Cumbria once or twice a week.  Or not.

Phone call to JL Customer Services who could not have been more unsympathetic.  I was told "it's nothing to do with us [oh really?], you have to speak to our Delivery Partner"  [yeah, did that, why the hell do you think I'm now on the phone to you?]   The elderly dryer had actually died its final death that morning so the best part of a two-week wait wasn't an attractive proposition.

I cancelled the John Lewis order and went back to Appliances Online from whom we bought our lovely Range cooker.  They were brilliant during that transaction and when the cooker was discovered to have arrived damaged the delivery guys wouldn't even bring it into the house.  AO replaced it 48 hours later.   The call centre staff are some of the nuttiest, funniest, nicest people I've ever dealt with and I end up laughing out loud when talking to them. 

Order placed with AO at 17:01 on 3rd February.
Delivered 11:45 this morning.
The two delivery men could not have been more pleasant and helpful.

John Lewis are being stupid and have not refunded the full amount of my cancelled order.

Today's Life Lesson:  do not mess around with an irritated housewife who has piles of laundry waiting to be done.

EDIT:  6th February
1.  John Lewis have now refunded the entire payment.  Thank you :}

2.  AO emailed me to advise that my purchase qualified for a £20 cashback.  Whoo hoo, this just gets better and better!

3.  I missed a call on my mobile yesterday afternoon.  DX-Freight, JL's delivery partner left a message to tell me that due to a problem at their warehouse, my order could not be delivered on the 13th, but would now arrive on Monday, 16th.

I am not going to call them to discuss this.  I did a Google for "DX-Freight John Lewis".  Wish I'd done that before placing the original order!  Online reviews advise it is impossible to get through on the phone and many TrustPilot comments about the company say "if only I could give less than one star".   

4.  I left an unemotional and factual review on TrustPilot this morning.  John Lewis have complained about my review and at present it is unavailable for others to read.  What anyone can read, however, is how absolutely dreadful JL are these days.  Some of the TrustPilot reviews are shocking, much worse than I've experienced.

I think it's fair to say there is no known universe in which I am going to shop with John Lewis again.


  1. Funny you should say about AO - they've not particularly crossed my radar before this very morning, when I read glowing reports about them. Big Sister Helen will be interested to read of your experiences with JL - she's got nothing but praise for them. Mind you, she isn't in the wilds of Cumbria...

    1. [rant alert] Hazel, clearly JL views Cumbria with the same disdain as our Westminster-centric government as evidenced by the lack of much needed road improvements, rail links or investment in health care. Obviously we are not a sufficiently affluent demographic to warrant the same level of attention as the south of the country Grrrrrr

    2. Our roads are in the same state other than along the route of the Tour de France

  2. I'd never heard if AO but I have now. Hope JL refunds the money soon or they will wish that they had.

    1. Sue, I don't judge a company by how they respond when everything is OK, but how they deal with problems. When our first cooker had obviously sustained damage in transit AO were superb. John Lewis' response to the delay with this delivery was not superb :{

      They have refunded the cost of the dryer but not the surcharge I paid to have the old one taken away? It seems to take their Customer Services 24 hours to reply to emails. Sorry, but in this day and age, midweek that's a bit shoddy.

  3. Oh dear, what a nuisance, as I don't see Cumbria any different to another part of UK in distance. Boy, would they have problems over here.(lol) Glad you have your dryer now. and like me, when you find a company who gives good service, stick with them if possible. I've never bought an appliance on line, but it has crossed my mind. May do a little looking as we are thinking of a new fridge. Have fun with washing and drying and take care.

    1. Thanks Susan. I think "fun" with washing and drying is stretching it a bit, but the new machine seems to be doing a good job:}

  4. You could end up being a two dryer family

    1. Like I haven't already have enough irritation from John Lewis! In the unlikely event they do try to deliver we shall just refuse to accept it :{

    2. Hi Jane,
      You are not alone in having problems with JL. We ordered a dishwasher through JL, as it showed it was in stock on website, with a delivery date of two weeks. Six weeks later we were still waiting. Then they said it had to be imported & finally they said they couldn't get it. Service was dire but we had a refund plus £25.00 for inconvenience. It was annoying that every time we contacted them no one seemed to know anything about our order. We should have taken note of my sister's problems with JL as they managed to make her sitting room curtains in the wrong fabric. The workmanship was also very poor.


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