Friday, 20 February 2015

An accidental five miles

Yeah, I know, how can anyone walk five miles by accident?  In truth, very easily . . .   After a pretty rough week in the weather department Friday was dry and the wind had dropped.  Daisy and I needed to get out for a decent leg stretch but the unhappy muscles in my back are still not ready for walking uphill.  Crummock is always a good option for an easy, pleasant and near-to-home outing.  After all the recent rain I knew the west side of the lake would be wet underfoot, but I didn't expect a fairly new pair of Karrimor shoes with Goretex lining to fail, there may be a conversation with their Customer Services people in the future . . .  However, once I'd resigned myself to the fact my feet were going to be wet it didn't matter, with no wind it wasn't too cold.  The 'accidental' bit is that Daisy and I set off without a plan and just wandered along until we got to Low Ling Crag, then decided to go back.  I could have extended the walk by another mile and visited Scale Force but I couldn't be bothered :}

Approaching the lake it looks like it is getting brighter.

Someone is being silly and walking along the wall.

The view opens up as we head south; Rannerdale Knotts, Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks are the most well-known of the fells we're looking at.

At Low Ling Crag we both had something to eat and a look around.  Madam seemed to enjoy exploring :}

The light kept changing, sometimes cloudy, sometimes bright, but it was lovely in the sun :-}

Masses of frogspawn near the pitched path.

In places the path was not so much wet, as completely submerged.  Wet path = wet feet today :-{

A final close-up of Haystacks before we head home, looks like we got the best of today's weather.


  1. Fabulous colours on those hills. That looks like a great walk.

    1. We were very fortunate with the weather, when the sun broke through it was super. Sections do get a big boggy though - maybe one for mid-summer?

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Elaine, you're quite right :} And (within the realms of common-sense) it is a safe walk that anyone could tackle.

  3. I always love reading about your walks with Daisy :)

    1. Cheers Jenny! So do I - especially on days like today when it's been raining fit to float an Ark.

  4. It certainly brightened up ,,, gorgeous photos Jayne. It looked like a very enjoyable five miles x

    1. Well get yourself down here and we'll do it together :}


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