Thursday, 4 December 2014

People say the nicest things

After my blog post to celebrate Daisy being with us two years I had a brief email exchange with a fellow blogger.  I have never met this lady, but I know someone who has and have been told what an exceptionally nice person they are.  How very true; reproduced anonymously because I don't want to cause embarrassment, this is what was sent to me.  This blogger truly has a way with words, she moved me to tears. What lovely things to say to a total stranger, I wish that I could write half as well.

You know who you are, thank you :}

Hi Jayne,

I didn't know you when you had Ollie but after discovering your blog and reading back through your posts, I thought it was sad that there wasn't a dog in your life after him. I totally understood though, it's very hard to get over losing such a loved companion, I don't think you ever do, it's like losing a member of the family. I was thrilled when the time came for you to take another dog in to your lives, it isn't replacing one you've lost, it's just that the time is right for you to share some love with another.

Daisy was such a pathetic little thing in your first posts about her, but the transformation over time has been wonderful to see and share in, and just look at her now. It's plainly obvious how she loves her life, and she has the most fabulous playground in the Fells. I'm just so pleased ... that you and Daisy found each other.


On a hot day in May, a walk which didn't make it (yet) to the blog.

I've turned comments off for this post. I don't think anything else really needs saying (but there's always the 'Contact me' form on the side bar :}  )