Saturday, 20 December 2014

In Turner's footsteps

Daisy's walk today was the same but different; the same because we went back to Crummock Water, and different because Management joined us and I suggested we take a route which was new to him.  A gentle climb from the car park (and a short steep section through what is probably an old quarry) and we were on the top of a lovely little hill, Brackenthwaite Hows, which is far too insignificant for Wainright to have paid it any attention.  Down to the boathouse, back to the car, only a couple of miles for us but Daisy seemed to think it was a good outing.

A slightly more famous Englishman did pay it some attention, and in 1797 JMW Turner painted "Cromackwater" from the same place. 

I'm glad Wainright ignored the location, means far less people have it on a 'tick list', even in May.  It's a quiet spot to rest a while on a hot summer afternoon, roll in the grass, and get covered in shrubbery :}


  1. Love the last photo. Until I scrolled down I had the image of you rolling in the grass

    1. Thank you Sue. Trying to deal with massive photo blog-lag, hence May pictures in December :-}

  2. Oh, you've done it again. I'm sitting here drinking it all in. Thanks Jayne. Take care.

  3. Susan, Jessica - thank you :} Hopefully one day you'll both join Daisy and I on a similar walk, but don't worry, you will not be expected to roll on your back in the grass (unless you want to . . . )


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