Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Walks, 2

A quiet day - dog walk, nice supper, bit of telly . . . The End.

The dialogue here will be along the lines of "you've had all the biscuits, if you're hungry you should have eaten your breakfast." This is not the first time the two of them have had that conversation, it won't be the last.

Home-made Beef Wellington, yum. 

Our version of 'Christmas Pudding' all home-grown apart from a handful of raspberries; Summer's Pudding with strawberries, blueberries and blackcurrants. 

What is it with dogs and pastry? Before anyone gets bent out of shape at this, no she is not allowed to beg at table and that was the only piece she got :} Yeah, real meanies, that's us :}


  1. Lovely and green, The wellington looks good very apt as it's welly weather.

    1. We've 'done' the big turkeys and large joints, this suits us much better. Quick to cook too, so I don't spend half the day in the kitchen :}

  2. Can't get over how deeply green your landscape is this time of year. Ours is dun-colored. Love all the colors, too, of the foody and four-footed friend pics. Everything so intensely displayed. Glad you had a good Christmas and that you're holding up with the weather. Luckily, no snow, so no digging out this year. :-)

    1. Yes Kris, it's very green - that'll be all the rain then!


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