Saturday, 13 December 2014

Autumn is over

Winter does not officially begin until next Sunday but the weather has turned and it feels like Autumn is well and truly over.  On Thursday we had a particularly cold and showery visit to Crummock, which might explain why the car park was deserted and we had the place to ourselves.  It was bliss :}

We disturbed a handful of Herdies who seem to have taken up residence in the woods, and also saw red squirrel and deer, neither of which hung around long enough for a picture.

Sheltering for a moment by the boathouse.

The wind comes barrelling down from Buttermere and the north end of the lake can be a blustery place :}

Whilst Daisy is no longer terrified of being near water, she's still not thrilled with the experience of the small bridges across the weir. 

On Saturday Management came to Whinlatter with us.  Despite her thick coat Daisy seemed to feel the cold, but the liberal consumption of mini biscuits and her breakfast kibble seemed to help.


  1. Nice to see you out and about Jayne. Lovely pics. We have had a walk through the woods in the sunshine this morning, lovely to get some fresh air :-)

  2. Sunshine? What is this sun-thing of which you speak :}
    Garden all day today with LP, it's been great, off for a bath now.


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