Monday, 15 December 2014

Assistance with an end-of-season sort out

I'm so very, very lucky, the weather allowed LP and I to get a full day in the garden today and there was a long list of odd jobs to get through.  First were some 'temporary' paving slabs to get us from the new balcony steps to the old path.  Temporary is an elastic term at Bag End and you know as well as I do that these slabs will probably still be in place in three years time :}  Hopefully the surrounding mess will be tidied up somewhat sooner :{

I took Daisy for a walk and when I came back the plastic 'cucumber greenhouse' was dismantled and put away for next year.  It was a resounding success in growing terms - shame the variety I chose was quite horrible and no-one liked the thick skin and burp-inducing flesh.

A spruce-up of the greenhouse beds comprised loosening the soil, giving it a good water, and then spreading a 3" thick layer of well rotted compost on the soil.  If I extract the digit and wash all the glass then we'll be nicely ready for next year.  I had hoped to be growing winter salads but for various reasons that never happened.  Thankfully in gardening there is (nearly) always "next year".

Small tasks such as folding up the roof net from the big fruit cage are much better with two (I managed to get the net off last week but putting it away was like wrangling cats so I gave up!), and LP also cheerfully moved 8 car wheels complete with tyres from the drive to their store behind the tractor.  Both Management and I now have our winter tyres on the cars, so that will make bad weather trips up Whinlatter a safer drive.

On his previous day here (still not written up . . . .) LP removed turf from the lawn near the Coppice so that I can extend our willow fedge.  Today I had him remove a bit more so I can get exactly the shape we need.  Eventually this will be edged and I find myself with a huge flower bed that was never planned.  Apart from the orchids, the planting is a dreadful mishmash as this bed doesn't really know what to do with itself.  Hopefully I'll get some inspiration before another summer is upon us :}

As light was fading we hammered four 3" posts into the fruit cage.  I'm going to move a couple of plums into the cage and these posts are the start of a frame to grow them as cordons.  Least said about the untidy strawberry plants the better . . .

Heck of a lot done given it was dark by 4.00.  In an ideal world most of this would have been done a couple of months ago.  It is not an ideal world . . .


  1. I see Daisy was supervising everything :-)

  2. Lots done -you should feel really satisfied

  3. My you've been busy. Things really looking tidy there. Dark at 4:00 pm? Ouch! Never fear, solstice is near. "Dear Santa, Please bring ME an "L.P." for Christmas..." LOL

  4. Hi Kris, yes - Solstice cannot come soon enough.
    We're at nearly 55 degrees latitude (same as southern Alaska!) and currently sunrise is 8.32am (half an hour later than London) and sunset is 3.45pm.

    But we get do longer days in the summer, so it's not all bad. You might enjoy the site I use to check sunrise & sunset times:

  5. I think you get one heck of a lot done compared to me, so give yourself a break. That "new" garden bed can be thought about during winter (along with sewing), by pouring over old magazines and gardening books for inspiration. It's all going to look great. Can't wait to see it next time.(wishing). Take care.

    1. Susan, on my own I'd have been lucky to manage one thing off that list!


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