Monday, 3 November 2014

Wanted: carpenter, must love animals

2014 has not been the best year for many things, one of which is the keeping of rainfall records.  For once, I can't blame The Universe, an Act of Dog or any other outside influence, this failing has been entirely due to my hitting 'a wall' and acknowledging I was at the point of complete collapse/burn out.  I think I'm coming out the other side, a journey which slowly continues. 

So whilst there are no (*accurate) Bag End rainfall records for the summer, it's a fact that much of May, June, July, August and September were unusually dry.

And that October was not.  It rained nearly every day last month and not just a gentle drizzle - hours and hours of torrential downpour. I know we needed it, reservoirs were at record lows.  The flooded village of Mardale was visible at Haweswater, and islands I've never seen before appeared in the middle of Thirlmere.

November is not shaping up to be much better.

Is it unreasonable to want to cut the grass, and clear up some fallen leaves?  The bark paths are suffering from either being almost washed away in places, or quagmire in others.  We're going to need a carpenter soon to build another Ark.

(* for a given value of 'accurate' which makes no allowance for pheasants or Daisy drinking out of the measuring cones!)


  1. Wet, but not cold (as yet) - although we did have our first frost yesterday. Have you had snow on the high ground yet?

    1. Just back from our afternoon walk and it was mighty nippy. No snow visible here, but according to David Powell-Thompson (mountain guide, walking expert) there was snow on Scafell, Scafell Pike and Great End last night.

  2. I thought you were going to say that you needed a carpenter to construct a board-walk!

    1. Given the state of some of our paths a nice board-walk is an excellent idea!


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