Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sharing the silence

We've had a really busy weekend, and that is not a bad thing but it was still full-on by my usual standards.  We went to Lancaster yesterday to look at a possible new car for me.  I know I have often said that the keys to Hattie would be prised from my Cold, Dead Hands but I've also learned that I must never say never . . .  no decision yet but great temptation.  Daisy was distinctly unimpressed with much of her day being spent in the car, although she was far more settled when I moved into the back of the Subaru and sat next to her.  I was more settled too - I've never found Management's car particularly comfy but the rear is positively luxurious compared to the sporty shaped front seat so it was an all-round win :-}

After a morning of vacuuming and washing cars (not our normal Sunday activity but thinking of changing a vehicle begats such behaviour) we made a late decision to jump in the Honda and no prizes for guessing where we went.  Just a couple of miles, but at the 'usual' beach we sat for a few minutes and Management was able to enjoy complete and total silence.  It helped that the sun was rapidly sinking and nearly everyone else had gone home.

(edit: have removed the photo of Management sitting looking at the view.  He hated it (the photo, not the view).  I thought it was a nice picture of him but he disagreed.  As I am uber-sensitive about photos of me, then I have to accord him the same consideration)

Daisy just sat and had a little grumble; she doesn't yet understand this "sitting, chilling" thing in the middle of a walk.  We've created a monster - a darling, gorgeous, gentle, funny monster and I wouldn't want her any other way.


  1. As she matures, maybe she'll understand the meaning of "taking it all in moments". Has Management lost his beard? Sort of remember a photo of him with beard at some time. Maybe I've got that wrong. Love that top photo. Have a good week and take care.
    Are you getting a new car?

    1. Eagled eyed Susan :} Management still is a little hirsute, but no longer sports a full beard.

  2. Beautiful photos, as always. So, what's the car?

    1. Sue and Susan, looking at a VW SUV. Still trying to get my head around the possibility, as it's large, luxurious and an order of magnitude grander than anything I have ever imagined myself in.

  3. Tivvy mutters when we leave her in the back if the car alone. Only on an outward journey though. Once we have been out and are heading back she is quiet until we are close to home. She starts again at exactly the same spot every time. It's like to doggie version of "Are we there yet?£


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