Tuesday, 11 November 2014

November gardening

It might look like we're being public-spirited and cleaning up the lane, but in truth I just want as many of the recently fallen beech leaves as possible to add to the compost bin.  Since a much-welcome road closure a couple of years ago this has become an almost silent cul-de-sac rather than the rat run it used to be and the fallen leaves just lay on the tarmac instead of being mushed up and pushed to one side.

In a fit of tidying much of the timber laying around near the shed has been cut up and added to the log store.

Nothing stacked up against the side of the shed or log store - a very unusual sight!!

The tidying fit continued and I asked LP to strim off the weeds in the lane next to the side garden.  There is a four-letter word Plan to slightly "garden" this space next year to try and cut back on the weed seeds which blow into the garden.

Finally, some turf removal because I want to extend the big willow fedge.

(published on 6th April 2015)

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