Friday, 28 November 2014

A good week

I said on Monday it was going to be a good week and it certainly has been.  Some lovely walks, some good progress on the endless To Do list at home, and a gorgeous sunny morning today which meant I ignored the other three-hundred-and-eleventy-seven things I could have been getting on with at Bag End and took Daisy back to Crummock for another walk.  There was a gentle but constant breeze which meant we did not have yesterday's complete and total silence, but we still had two hours and four miles of absolute peace.  Daisy is not sure about this "sitting down and contemplating the view" lark in the middle of her walk, but a couple of Bonio seemed to help :-}

We went as far as the Iron Stone.  The plan had been to carry on a bit further but a small stumble over a loose stone left me with a sore enough ankle that it made sense to turn back.  The rest of the path will still be here next week.

Are we stopping for food now?

OK, that's a start, where's the rest?

What do you mean, "that's enough".  I'm a growing girl, I've known hunger I'll have you know ... this is not acceptable

Whilst Madam grumbled, I was eyeing up a particularly stupid (and probably very unpleasant) potential route up Grasmoor.

Taking a sunny shoreline path on the way back.

Which kept us out of the boggy bits and provided a fascinating close-up of the peat.   Ghastly photo of Daisy, but included for scale.


  1. Awesome photos and can I come on the next walk? I hear you say " I can't wait that long". Anyway, I'm just loving the beautiful scenery, have a lovely weekend and take care.

    1. Of course you can come, when does your flight get in?

  2. Absolutely fantastic scenery. Include me on the walk too please.
    Now come on, admit it. You hang Daisy from the ceiling by her ears every night so they will stretch a bit more.

  3. I'd love for you to come on a walk with us, and sadly for Susan, I think you've got a better chance of achieving that than she does!

    As for Madam's ears - how dare you suggest such animal cruelty !?!?!

  4. Gorgeous photos ,,, that looks like blue sky. Haven't seen any of that here for a while!


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