Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sharing the silence

We've had a really busy weekend, and that is not a bad thing but it was still full-on by my usual standards.  We went to Lancaster yesterday to look at a possible new car for me.  I know I have often said that the keys to Hattie would be prised from my Cold, Dead Hands but I've also learned that I must never say never . . .  no decision yet but great temptation.  Daisy was distinctly unimpressed with much of her day being spent in the car, although she was far more settled when I moved into the back of the Subaru and sat next to her.  I was more settled too - I've never found Management's car particularly comfy but the rear is positively luxurious compared to the sporty shaped front seat so it was an all-round win :-}

After a morning of vacuuming and washing cars (not our normal Sunday activity but thinking of changing a vehicle begats such behaviour) we made a late decision to jump in the Honda and no prizes for guessing where we went.  Just a couple of miles, but at the 'usual' beach we sat for a few minutes and Management was able to enjoy complete and total silence.  It helped that the sun was rapidly sinking and nearly everyone else had gone home.

(edit: have removed the photo of Management sitting looking at the view.  He hated it (the photo, not the view).  I thought it was a nice picture of him but he disagreed.  As I am uber-sensitive about photos of me, then I have to accord him the same consideration)

Daisy just sat and had a little grumble; she doesn't yet understand this "sitting, chilling" thing in the middle of a walk.  We've created a monster - a darling, gorgeous, gentle, funny monster and I wouldn't want her any other way.

Friday, 28 November 2014

A good week

I said on Monday it was going to be a good week and it certainly has been.  Some lovely walks, some good progress on the endless To Do list at home, and a gorgeous sunny morning today which meant I ignored the other three-hundred-and-eleventy-seven things I could have been getting on with at Bag End and took Daisy back to Crummock for another walk.  There was a gentle but constant breeze which meant we did not have yesterday's complete and total silence, but we still had two hours and four miles of absolute peace.  Daisy is not sure about this "sitting down and contemplating the view" lark in the middle of her walk, but a couple of Bonio seemed to help :-}

We went as far as the Iron Stone.  The plan had been to carry on a bit further but a small stumble over a loose stone left me with a sore enough ankle that it made sense to turn back.  The rest of the path will still be here next week.

Are we stopping for food now?

OK, that's a start, where's the rest?

What do you mean, "that's enough".  I'm a growing girl, I've known hunger I'll have you know ... this is not acceptable

Whilst Madam grumbled, I was eyeing up a particularly stupid (and probably very unpleasant) potential route up Grasmoor.

Taking a sunny shoreline path on the way back.

Which kept us out of the boggy bits and provided a fascinating close-up of the peat.   Ghastly photo of Daisy, but included for scale.

Thursday, 27 November 2014


I went out this morning hoping that my walk with Daisy would be quiet and peaceful.

This is what happened.

Monday, 24 November 2014

A lovely start to the week

It's going to be a good week. How do I know this? Because I Have Decided It Will Be!

Started well and then got better, sunrise and Sale Fell before lunch :}

Looking from Lothwaite to Sale top

Looking from Sale top to Lothwaite

in-camera-generated panorama to Dumfries and Galloway (big file, click to enlarge)

Getting the hang of this 'posing' lark?

Thursday, 20 November 2014

A celebration on Sale Fell

Wasn’t this meant to be a gardening blog?  Life has taken a detour and my time is currently divided between walking with Daisy, messing around in the sewing room (but not managing to finish any quilts) and not much else.  Even when it's not raining the ground is so completely sodden and saturated that working outside isn’t particularly enjoyable so I’ve stopped doing it.  I still care DEEPLY about the garden, but right now it’s not the end of the world if I ignore it for a few weeks.  For the present, Bag End seems to be a dog-blog.

Little Miss Perfect gets star billing today because exactly two years ago I drove down the M6 in torrential rain with wicked side wind (lovely at Shap summit …. not!) to collect a skinny, scared, half-starved, not very pretty, Long Eared Dog.  Where has the time gone?  We had a lovely stroll around Sale Fell this morning to celebrate, it's one of Madam's favourite places and there is always whippety racing and tail chasing.

With high cloud and flat light conditions weren't ideal for decent pictures, so here's a couple of favourites from the past.

    once again, huge thanks to Jill for this one :}

You've come a long way baby :}

We've had our afternoon walk, so it's now time for Staff to light the wood burner for Her Ladyship.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Daily routine?

As Daisy needed her morning walk and I needed a couple of things from Booths in Keswick, it was a no-brainer to combine the two and we both enjoyed a 90 minute potter at Derwentwater.  Sometimes, life is very good :}

No idea what Daisy thought she was doing heading off down the jetty . . . 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Au revoir, faceache

One facebook account.  Deactivated.

I do not need to play Candy Crush Saga, nor I do not need to be 'friends' with people I haven't seen for two or three decades.  If we haven't kept in touch for over 20 years then there's probably a damn good reason why, like we weren't such close friends in the first place or our lives are now different and we've just moved on.

I do not need anything I've recently looked at on Amazon or eBay to be flashing away at the side of the screen.  Hey guys, if I didn't buy it earlier there's a damn good reason why and all your linked adverts are going to do is strengthen my resolve not to make a purchase.

But what I really do not need is to be ambushed on a daily basis by posts about the most appalling animal cruelty. This morning it happened when I innocently visited the page of a company I was going to buy dog food from.  It's not that I don't care, I do.  Trouble is, I care too much and have one of those stupid brains where I can't switch off and I cannot forget.  As I automatically speed-read I've taken in the first few lines of these horrible stories before it's too late to click away.  Images are seared onto my retina and it can be weeks or months before I forget them.  And I can't cope with that. 

In future I shall confine my 'social media' to the wonderful blogging community, it's worked well enough for me for the last seven years.

So here's a couple of typical Bag End bloggy pictures from today's short and damp outing to Holme Wood at Loweswater.

And here's a typical picture of how my bathroom looked after Daisy endured a bath. 

But a couple of weeks ago I treated myself to a Dyson steam cleaner, something I'd wanted for ages and purchased with no assistance from Faceache.  I didn't buy it before as I was convinced it could not possibly work as well as I hoped and it would be another waste of money gathering dust until taken to a charity shop.  WRONG.  It is outstanding and my only regret is not getting one five years ago.  And now the bath looks an awful lot better!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

November gardening

It might look like we're being public-spirited and cleaning up the lane, but in truth I just want as many of the recently fallen beech leaves as possible to add to the compost bin.  Since a much-welcome road closure a couple of years ago this has become an almost silent cul-de-sac rather than the rat run it used to be and the fallen leaves just lay on the tarmac instead of being mushed up and pushed to one side.

In a fit of tidying much of the timber laying around near the shed has been cut up and added to the log store.

Nothing stacked up against the side of the shed or log store - a very unusual sight!!

The tidying fit continued and I asked LP to strim off the weeds in the lane next to the side garden.  There is a four-letter word Plan to slightly "garden" this space next year to try and cut back on the weed seeds which blow into the garden.

Finally, some turf removal because I want to extend the big willow fedge.

(published on 6th April 2015)