Friday, 17 October 2014

Not bad for a Friday afternoon dog walk

You'd think, maybe, that after nearly seven years in Cumbria I'd be taking it all for granted by now;  the views, the quiet, the space, clean air.  Not a bit of it.  There's not a day when I don't look out of the windows and thank the Universe (and Management) for giving me the chance to live here and not in a stultifying concrete jungle.  Drive out of Cockermouth on the Lorton Road and the view unfolds as you leave the town behind, it never fails to elicit a sharp intake of breath.  As I tend to go down here at least once a week heading either for Whinlatter, or Buttermere, or Crummock Water, then there are many pulmonary moments!  Today was no exception as Daisy and I had a late afternoon trip to Rannerdale.

It's a simple little walk, 1.5 miles from Cinderdale Common up the side of Squat Beck to the Hause and back again retracing the same path.  Daisy was in 'no-publicity' mode and unusually would not sit down for a nice picture.  So here's a rubbish one to prove she was there.

On a clear day there are stunning views from the Hause but today it was murky and, as is often the case, our return route was taken at a quick march to reach the car before a following squall reached us.

Hell of a way to spend a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon:)

(If you want to know what fells you're looking at, have a toddle over to Mark Richards' site; superb panorama from every summit.  Hover mouse over "Lakeland Fellranger" in blue section, move to region, then scroll down to appropriate fell).


  1. It is beautiful. Must have been a wonderful summer and autumn for hill walking.

    1. Autumn is shaping up quite nicely but most of the summer was too hot for long walks unless we started at silly o'clock in the morning.

  2. Oh Jayne, it really is such a wonderful place, and I'm wondering if we went that way at all. Just having a lake come into view between mountains and hills is awesome. Your directions for us out of Cockermouth was great, on a nice quiet road, with beautiful views, so thanks for that. Take care.

    1. Hi Susan, I don't think you did go that way but I'm very glad you have been here and can now envisage where Daisy and I are. On your NEXT TRIP to England (smile) I will take you to a lake - and up a small mountain if you like - and you can have all the views you want. Glad you enjoyed my suggested 'detour' - nicer for you than the obvious main road.


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