Saturday, 13 September 2014

Taking stock

Saturday morning started with visit to Big Hospital to learn our little Campervan is going to be an in-patient for longer than expected and I'm more than a little disappointed that the start of our adventures will be delayed.  It would have been easy to get completely out of sorts over it, but I'm not going to.  One option is to start to use the van, wait until the weather gets nasty and then send it back to the garage.  Our preferred option is to get everything that we can think of fixed, and then we're good to start driving around in the little Wendy House on Wheels.  At the end of it we'll have a strong and secure little van which will last us a good few years and still have cost much less than an already fully refurbished one.

As I couldn't do what I wanted today (go and play in 'van) I had a wander around to record the detail of this week's progress.

Whilst having the last 8 metres of fencing renewed (behind where the compost bins used to be) we made the decision to take out six trellis panels and replace them with vertical board.  We will re-use the trellis elsewhere in the garden and the additional privacy in the nursery and greenhouse is very welcome.

(yes, I know the new strawberry beds are out of control - it's on the list for this week)

We're also having part of the back fence replaced.  Posts went in today, the plan is for vertical boards on Tuesday.  It will be 2m high and should give me a little visual protection from "a certain neighbour". 

Thanks to LP our log store is now full and ready for winter, whenever that comes.  I'm uncomfortable that I have had to get someone else to chop wood for me but my shoulders just won't let me do hours of repetitive manual work any more, and Management's not been here to do it for us.  Even though we've only nibbled at the huge pile, shifting about a metre of logs has made a big difference to opening up the path through to the shed.

The last of this year's Maris Peer potatoes, absolutely superb - great taste, lasted well in the ground after early blight got the tops, fairly resistant to worms and no scab.  Definitely a winner to be grown again next year.

And finally on the subject of Herbie .... well, Herbie is no more.  Because it became apparent this week that Herbie was not a him but a HER(bie).  Management's suggestion of Hermione* is under consideration but for now we'll stick with Campervan or Wendy House on Wheels :)

*  and people think I'm the nutty one around here ...


  1. You are as bad as my daughter who actually declared her last car Clive was gay, which was a bit of a shock to my F-I-L who had been its previous owner.

  2. If we can avoid information unsuited to sensitive dispositions, how do you tell the difference between a him and a her van?

  3. I was just wondering exactly the same thing as Ms Rusty Duck. How on earth do you tell? or is Angela's daughter on the right track?

  4. Morning all, obviously Jessica and Sue have had already far more coffee than me this morning .....

    The answer is "I have no idea how to tell" other than constantly catching myself referring to the van as "her" . . .

  5. Well, Hermione sounds so proper, but shortened to Hermie, it would be just dandy.

    1. Hi FFG, yes, we already realised we'd be saying 'Hermie" all the time ... a bit like Viktor Krum :)


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