Thursday, 18 September 2014

September carpentry

September was notable for some major carpentry, the start of which featured on Tuesday.  Here's more progress on the "big change" where we bit the bullet and put 6' high fencing along half of the back boundary, to spread the cost we'll do the other half next year.  Mr Clutter can still see into the garden because his house is higher than ours, but it does block some of his view into the vegetable patch.

Daisy 'supervised' and thought it was most amusing to walk in and out of the garden at will :-}

Not to be left out there was much woodwork of the "LP" kind.  When we turfed the area beyond the Big Pond we accidentally created more of a slope that was pleasant to mow.  LP has raised the timber edging for me and we'll build up the ground level and re-seed next Spring.

An area between the willow fedge and Top Pond was also awkward to mow, so that got sorted out too.

Ever since we put the Fruit Cage up I've wanted a big bed in front of it.  The four-letter word Plan is to fill it with flowers to attract pollinators.

Not sure how photos of the Cottage Garden crept in, but it's nice to be reminded of how lush everything was; not sure about the white Cosmos, I think the pink varieties are better.

(published on 6th April 2015)

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