Friday, 5 September 2014

From summer into autumn

The Met Office are predicting a 'proper' Indian Summer for September and October but for me summer ended last night with a candlelit cook-out at a nearby beach.

It's been a weird summer and the 'little sabbatical' I took at the beginning of May stretched and stretched, and whilst I have missed my blog I probably needed a break more than I realised.  Although I haven't taken nearly anything like as many pictures as normal, the "to be sorted" folder still houses over 1,000 images that need attention.  95% of them will end up deleted but I'm quite looking forward to the task, which in itself tells me I'm ready to get back to normal.

(sunrise an hour ago - a misty, moisty morning)

The weird summer hasn't been all bad, in fact it's been superb at times with outstanding weather and some huge projects completed at Bag End (we'll get to the detail of them when I start on the catch up posts).  The great thing about this year's phase of renovations is that I have done absolutely nothing except stand around giving orders!

After feeling thoroughly grotty health-wise for most of the year I think I've now turned a corner and am feeling much more like myself, which is great for me but probably hell for anyone nearby who has to tolerate my bouncing around with a lot more energy than I've had for months.

And if anyone was wondering, Daisy the Wonder Dog continues to grow in confidence and personality.  She has become very vocal and developed a 'warble' which is undoubtedly her attempt to speak :)  Madam can now deliver a wide range of phrases, some of which are harder than others to translate - must try and get some video.  She is a constant joy and delight, and we adore her.


  1. I've just had a wow moment when I looked at my sidebar to see if anyone had posted last night, and there on top was Bag End. I was going to send an email last night, but too tired, so that must have been my ESP moment. Can't wait to see what you've been up to in photos and love the pic of Daisy. Take care.

  2. Best way to carry out major tasks - bark orders - it;s where I'm going wrong - great t see Daisy,

  3. Great to hear you're getting your energy back. Look forward to the catch up posts.. take care.
    p.s. mouse count now 41..

  4. Thanks Susan, am certainly going to try to get on top of my blog backlog :}
    Sue - I'm sure you could channel your retired teacher, ha ha.
    Jessica, thanks for the good wishes. Body count is unknown - stopped keeping score at around 20 but I suspect it's similar to yours!

  5. I was on the verge of sending a message to find out if you're okay!!! So glad to hear that you're regaining your mojo and that life is good at Bag End.

    1. Hi Sue, thanks for stopping by. I'm remiss in not having visit your blog (or anyone else's for that matter) but I did have a quick peep and see that you've moved. Look forward to catching up properly soon.


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