Friday, 12 September 2014

Crazy week

Heavens, it's been a full-on crazy week and I'm not sure the next one is going to be much better.  Management left home at stupid-o'clock on Monday morning and and I haven't seen him since, but he's been to London, Warwickshire and Wales and will hopefully be home in an hour or two.  It's not been quiet at Bag End with an endless procession of folk in and out, and what feels like an endless round of trips to Van Doctors for me and Herbie ...

I spent all day Monday cleaning Herbie.  By teatime I was exhausted and had only managed to get the cupboards and shower area up to standard.  The fridge is a science project and I don't even want to think about starting on the cab area ...  Whilst I did that the plumber ferreted about under the boot-room floor looking for a non-existent gas leak.  If I didn't smell gas perhaps it really was my smelly walking boots?

Even though it was only four days ago I'm not sure what happened to Tuesday ... there was definitely a trip into Cockermouth to have Herbie's tyres and exhaust looked at, and another visit to the garage who will (hopefully) be able to do everything else that the van needs.  It's one thing to buy an old van cheaply and say "and we'll get the X, Y and Z fixed" and another to actually make it all happen.  Anyone else would drive the van around until the MOT is due next Spring, then have the sills re-welded and call it a day. Anyone who knows Management and I will know that's not how we do things ...

By 9.00am on Wednesday, LP was filling the log store, Patersons were working on the side fence, and the plumber had arrived to work out why the kitchen sink waste had suddenly collapsed under the floor and left me with a flooded cupboard and rather wet feet ....

By 10.00am Herbie was at the Exhaust and Tyre Doctor for some small but very necessary repairs and I was exhausted :)   Escaping to the river for an hour with Daisy has been the only sane point in the week, and I think she's been there three times in four days.  It's a gentle way of giving us both a couple of miles without driving anywhere and she seems to find new smells every time we visit.

Thursday was relatively peaceful.  LP made a start on the newly extended bit of garden next to the Potager - a now redundant bed and fence have been removed, the yew will get relocated closer to the trellis and that pile of timber will become more raisedbeds.  I got a chance to do laundry, clean the house, run errands in Workington and treat myself to a couple of hours catch-up TV, a sit-down and a good soak in the bath before bed.

As is always the case, Daisy has taken all the disruption with marvellous equanimity. There either hasn't been time to go out to the fells or the beach or, like yesterday afternoon, it was too hot.  20 degrees at 3.00pm on a mid-September afternoon; that's just crazy.  Which is probably why, when she cautiously made an attempt to curl up at the foot of my bed last night, I covered her with a soft quilt and let her stay :)


  1. It is amazing just how much will fit in such a small space.. shower? Sounds like a very clever bit of design.

    1. We've seen an awful lot of van interiors over the last couple of months and it's amazing just what can be fitted in. Some of the larger ones have as much gear as a small city studio flat!

  2. Not quite glamping Sue, but we're not going to be slumming it either :)

  3. Herbie looks sooooo spacious! (Especially for a hobbit *heh*). Love the wooden fence in the 3rd pic from the bottom. Very smart. You certainly have a lot going right now. Try to keep your head from exploding from all those directions. :-D

    1. Hi Kris, Herbie's actually very small for a campervan but a lot has been packed in. We love that new fence too - I knew you'd appreciate a bit of "privacy screen" :)

      Exploding heads are so messy - the cleaning up takes ages.


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