Sunday, 31 August 2014

Mum's holiday

Management's Mum came up for a few days.  We don't have many visitors, which to be honest suits us fine, but when guests are here it is always wonderful when the weather co-operates.  Well it certainly did this week, occasionally windy but wall-to-wall sunshine.  With hindsight* this was probably the last holiday where she could walk, if not to the top of a small fell, then at least somewhere interesting.  Age and arthritis are cruel partners.

No surprises we went to the beach on several occasions.

And Latrigg

And Windermere

And Crummock Water, where Daisy was not going paddling however stupidly I behaved.

And even left the county to visit relatives in Richmond who think they have nearly as good view as us - we beg to differ :-)

*  this is one of many blog posts which finally got published retrospectively.


  1. Love these ,,, don't often see people pics on here! Your beach picnic looked wonderful :-) (Still reeling slightly from your massive catch up ,,, amazing the effect that polish fumes can have!)

    1. Ah, polish fumes . . . I knew there was an explanation somewhere !!!


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