Thursday, 24 July 2014

The summer silliness continues with a little swim

When I took Daisy to Crummock on Tuesday and had a little paddle with her the thought of a cool swim in the lake was very tempting.  But I wasn't dressed for it and whilst I recognise there are [rare] occasions I can be a complete idiot, as a very weak and feeble swimmer I wasn't going for a dip whilst alone.

But tonight Management finished work at a reasonable time, we had supper early and then took Daisy to Crummock for a walk in the woods.  The sun was sinking and the car park was completely full but we had the small beach at the boathouse to ourselves.  I wanted to see how far into the water Daisy could be bribed . . . the answer was "up to her chest" and absolutely no more, regardless of how many of her favourite biscuit were offered.

It then remained to see whether I was up for it - and here's feeble - as I walked out to waist depth there was a moment of panic, probably at the unfamiliarity of it all.  But I did it, it felt good though, not at all cold, and I'm glad I didn't bottle out.   The jury is out as to whether my still damaged shoulder can actually cope with swimming.  If I want to do this more often then I really need to take a step back and go and have a few proper swimming lessons.

Daisy could not be persuaded to join me, in fact she got very worried about my being so far away.

Time to go home:

As a kid I was more than a little scared of water and 'lessons' with the school when I was about 6 or 7 consisted of being ordered to "just get in and get on with it". The only concession to my fear being that I was permitted to stay at the edge of the pool as a line of wildly screaming children thrashed and splashed from one end to the other.  The wild screaming was terror in my case and out-of-control pleasure from the rest of the class, school-days were not the happiest time of my life.  Nearly five decades later I can stay afloat but I don't have the technique to do it well or with any enjoyment.  Perhaps wild swimming will change that?

(published 7th February 2015)


  1. That looks absolutely wonderful Jayne ,,,

    1. It was Jill, just a shame I haven't been back since!

  2. My school swimming lessons were the same but a bit more cruel - forced to jump in from the side, forced to sit under the water to name but to methods of torture. Consequence - never learned to swim. Didn't Daisy do well?

    1. Good grief, I thought my experience was horrible but yours sounds dreadful.

      I did some investigating after the swim and found a lovely small hotel nearby which has a brand new spa. The staff give private lessons to anyone, it's not just for residents, and I really did intend to go along. But everything else got in the way and it never happened although I still have their card pinned up. Perhaps there might be something similar near you?


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