Tuesday, 22 July 2014


I don't care whether it's global warming, divine intervention or just plain luck but we are having a WONDERFUL summer.  It hardly rained in June and July is heading the same way (not counting the 28mm of deluge we had in 24 hours at the beginning of the month).  It's so hot we've gone and bought 4.5 tog duvets and for the first time in about a decade, I'm wearing shorts and the legs are getting a tan!  Winters up here can be wet, cold, grey and last a very long time so I'm not going to complain about the heatwave, even if it was still 25 degrees in the sitting room at 8.00pm last night.

Daisy is not quite so thrilled at this meteorological wonder.  The dog who takes up station inches from a blazing wood burner in winter is feeling the heat and I'm being very careful with her walks.  We either go out early, or late, and we don't go too far. This morning we had the best of all options, out early, didn't go too far (just a couple of miles) and 99% of the walk was in shade - we went to Lanthwaite Woods next to Crummock Water.  This is a favourite spot and we're getting full benefit of the 'free car parking' perk of National Trust membership.

Arriving at Crummock just after 9.00am I was pleasantly surprised to find we were the only folk at the car park (it was a little different 90 minutes later!)

Just a couple of minutes walk and we had a shady path all to ourselves, no noise except for birdsong and the distant sound of a farmer harvesting.

Possibly my favourite part of the walk, gorgeous views of Whiteside and Grasmoor but we're still under the canopy of trees.

Her Ladyship has learnt this stream is a safe place to get a drink (although we'd had a stop earlier and she'd guzzled water from a bottle I carried).

Down at the boat house it was quiet, serene, gorgeous views of the Loweswater Fells - and I had a Mad Brain Moment.  Apart from being incredibly comfortable and lightweight my Inov-8 shoes are MEANT to get wet - so I rolled my trousers up (too early in the day for aforementioned shorts ☺︎) and walked into the lake.  Little Miss Perfect also had a Mad Brain Moment - she followed me!  Before her usual concern about water took over from the novelty of what she'd done, Daisy walked into about 8" of water and had a good drink.  WOW, that's never happened before.  I wish Management had been with us to see this, and to keep an eye on her because I was very, very close to going "sod the wet clothes" and having a swim ...

A few minutes more and we were back at the car, despite damp socks my shoes were almost dry (and my feet were lovely and cool).  The car park looked a bit different to an hour & a half earlier; I recognised the vehicle next to us (hello Ann and Roger) and a neighbours' car was parked under the shade further along.

The endless stream of vehicles coming towards me as I drove home reinforced the 'get out early' message!  One of the cars was another neighbour (with the still-growing and out of control Fraser eager for a swim) whilst a familiar van contained more neighbours who were taking their canoe to the lake.

It's now murderously hot in the house despite every door & window being open and all the blinds closed against the sun.  There are deep ZZZZ's and much heavy breathing coming from Daisy's basket.


  1. Wow, it was so lovely to go with you on one of your walks. It's been a long time. I certainly don't mind 25deg, but then we get well over 30 for a lot of our summer, but I'm not keen on it much hotter than 27/28 deg. Funny how we are getting a colder winter than we've had for a long time and you are having a heatwave. Glad Daisy is getting used to the water. Enjoy the sunshine as we are nearly into August, then before you know, it will be your autumn. Tke care.

    1. You're right Susan, in fact, it was only yesterday I thought "autumn will be here before long".

      Wonderful that Daisy went into the water, just shows what 18 months of love and TLC can do.

      Hope you are staying warm :}


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