Saturday, 19 July 2014

Patchwork problem solving

A continual problem in my gorgeous sewing room is nowhere apart from the floor to put stuff which I am not using right this minute, but don't want to put away (out of sight, out of mind and all that).  As I don't like putting things on the floor I use the work table instead.  And therein lies the problem - it takes no time at all for the table to be covered with 'stuff' and then I can't do any work because there is no room on the table.  Lack of a decent sized design wall is a niggle too.

So, rescue the unused top of a kitchen dresser from the basement, pop it onto the worktables and it soaks up all the baskets of fabric scraps and WIPs.

This means a small bookcase can be evicted which leaves a convenient space for a couple of insulation boards.  Covered with cotton batting they make an easily accessible design wall that can tuck out of the way when not needed.

And where to put all the tubs of pins, needles and mobile paraphernalia?  Well, many years ago my dearest friend J. made me this gorgeous bag.  I used it for a long time as my daily handbag but it's not really suitable for an outdoor life in a wet climate.  Using it as my sewing basket means it is constantly to hand and always reminds me of J. when I see it :-)

Little Miss Perfect is quite happy with all the changes because there is now a comfy bed for her under my table.  Tough life, huh?


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