Saturday, 5 July 2014

Finishing a fence

As I said back in June, this was not a good time for me.  I managed to miss photographing the rest of the wall building,  the rendering, the coping stones going on and the start of a fence on top.   Or perhaps I did take pictures but having checked every memory card in the house there are gone . . . if they ever existed.  I've been through the iMac's Time Manager so many times I've gone cross-eyed.  No pictures.  Bugger :-(

I remember a sunny weekend when Management and Keith spent HOURS creating bespoke brackets, welding, bolting metal supports to the back of the new wall, securing the uprights.  Sadly, there are no pictures, I'm assuming I went out with Daisy and wasn't here to take any but that's unusual for me, even when I'm not functioning at my best.  Endless hard disc searches have revealed nothing around the correct date so we move swiftly onto the next section which was LP working his ***** off to backfill with the soil-heap that excavation had left on the drive.

These pictures were taken on 25th and 27th June - no fence uprights.

By 30th June, there they are.  LP found the easiest way to backfill behind the new wall was to do it in stages . . .

On 3rd July we added rebar mesh propped up on the drive to stop Daisy leaping five foot down onto tarmac. She rapidly learned this was a great way to greet visitors.  We rapidly learned if I didn't want to deal with broken legs or damaged shoulders she had to be stopped!

Sadly, this is the only photographic evidence I have of M. and Keith welding a metal fence to the top of the new wall.  And why not a nice wooden one?  Because the Grand Plan is to grow wisteria along here, and knowing how big and heavy wisteria will be, I don't want to have to deal with a plant collapsing under rotten timbers in ten years time.

(finally published on 3rd April 2015)


  1. Nice to see all the changes as they happened. It's so annoying when photos disappear but then again you may not have taken any to find if you were not feeling great! David has just 'mended' a wooden trellis that had leaned considerably under the weight of an un-pruned Ceonothus. It doesn't stand a chance with the Honeysuckle and Wisteria planted either side of it but will he listen!!! It comes under the category of 'it's past the arch, it's my garden'!!!

    1. Oh dear . . . I can recommend metalwork! I bought M. his welder a couple of years ago and although the plan was that he'd do metal stuff relating to motorbikes, in truth I think all his welding so far has been to make strong things for the garden. Could you get David interested in doing the same for you?


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