Friday, 25 July 2014

(Bed)room with a view

It's not just little kids who can camp in the garden on a summer night, big kids (and medium-sized dogs) can do it too :}

Daisy and I settled down just after 10.00pm last night and I didn't even open my Kindle, I was so comfy I just closed my eyes and drifted off.  Her Ladyship seemed quite unperturbed by the change in her sleeping arrangements, she was allowed under the duvet with me (that never happens!) so all was well in Daisy-land.

Unfortunately that blissful state did not last - I'm easily disturbed by any noise and the A66 was trying to emulate a Glasgow motorway during the Commonwealth Games.  Bluddy irritating because I've been sitting outside this morning and there's not an engine to be heard, anywhere ....

But we persevered because it was blissfully cool and fresh.  Around 4.00am something disturbed Daisy and we both woke up.  Given our tent was a cheapie from Argos about ten years ago it's not surprising that condensation was starting to form all over the inside.  I figured it was time to go in before we all got a bit damp.  Walking back into the house was like hitting a thick hot wall of air.  I then slept very soundly until Management brought me a lovely cuppa at 8.00am!

Who said "you don't stop doing things because you've got old.  You get old because you've stopped doing things"?


  1. How funny! This reminds me of when we all used to head up to stop with mum's twin in the north of scotland in the summer holidays. Their bungalow was too small for us all to fit in, so us three slept in a tent in the garden. Loads of fun!

  2. Daisy's such a lucky dog. Sleeping under the duvet indeed! Hubby's tried to sleep in his hammock in the garden a couple of times, but Lottie howls by the back door until he comes back in. xx

  3. It's fun occasionally. I remember camping in a 3 man tent with hubby several times on Morris Minor Touring holidays.
    Can you imagine a 6'3" tall man, trying to get dressed in that space? Laughter was certainly good each morning to get us going. I hope you both enjoyed the cool of the night. Take care.

  4. I love that photo! I definitely believe in not growing up!

  5. Thanks to you all, sorry it has taken me so long to respond :{

    Hazel - there's a lot to be said for tents in the garden!
    Debbie - I think I am lucky with Daisy, she doesn't seem to care where we are, as long as I am there. I guess Lottie howling is not conducive to a good night's sleep :)
    Susan - Management (at 6') has the same problem!
    Sue - hmm, new tent .... watch this space {chuckle}
    Matron - lovely to hear from you, what's growing up?


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