Thursday, 5 June 2014

We finally start to see what, up to now, had only been imagined

A couple of days excellent weather to allow the footings to set, and it was time for The Great Wall of Bag End.   To accommodate the slope on our driveway the wall will step down in three sections, and at the end have a 'dog leg' to give us somewhere to store the numerous dustbins which our council provide.

An entire lorry-load of blocks ....

The manhole chamber had to be built up

One day this mess will all be forgotten, allegedly . . .

The string line above Daisy's head is a clue to how much slope we are dealing with

At the time those numbers meant something.  Right now, I have absolutely no idea what it was.

Sadly, that's it for now.  This was a time when I wasn't feeling well and was not particularly happy either.  I managed to miss photographing the rest of the wall building,  the rendering, the coping stones going on and the start of a fence on top.

Or perhaps I did take pictures but having checked every memory card in the house there are gone . . . if they ever existed.  Bugger :-(

(finally published on 3rd April 2015)


  1. Never easy gardening on a slope but it looks nice and straight! Enjoying all your catchups Jayne. It's lovely to see the garden evolving. I need to get breakfast now so no real time to comment properly, I hope to return. Made it out yesterday over to the West Riding and a lovely walk in Airedale. Shattered afterwards but happy to get my boots on again! If my pics make it onto a Picasa album I will share :-)

    1. Thankfully it wasn't a steep slope, just a useless waste of space :-} The great thing is to get rid of those steps!


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