Friday, 20 June 2014

Pond watching

With one exception, we've had a pond in every house we have lived in.  Three ponds at Bag End is probably over-the-top by normal people's standards but the pleasure we get from pond-watching is well worth it :-)

I fell in love with cotton grass many years ago on Loughrigg Fell.  It must smell particularly delicious if you are a dog because Ollie could not stop rolling in it - he was in ecstasy and I know that was the highlight of his day :-) 

In our rich soil it grows considerably taller.  The plan for 2015 is to spread it into the other ponds, and probably into the damper borders as well.

Yellow flag iris is another rather enthusiastic plant but the big pond wouldn't seem complete without it.

Purple loosetrife.

We're not the only ones who enjoy the water.

(published on 3rd April 2015)


  1. Absolutely gorgeous ,,, you know how I feel about cotton grass ,,,, sigh :-) BTW the links just above this one don't work Jayne.

    1. I know how much you also love cotton grass. This year I will try to save seed and grow more, you're welcome to a couple of plants if I do so. If it can survive up windswept fells, it might cope with your poor soil?

      (Links fixed, thank you)

  2. I might try and get hold of some seed but I'm sure I have tried before. Would love some here ,,, might have to get a pond to go with it though!!!

    1. Jill, if I can get some plants going you're welcome to a couple.

      A pond would encourage bats and they can each eat 2,000 - 3,000 mozzies per night. We saw our first bats of the year yesterday, happy day :-}

  3. We used to have bats here but haven't seen any for a few years now ,,, might have to get a pond! Another stunning morning here but a slight mist so I hope it doesn't thicken and block the sun like it sometimes does. Just wish I felt well!!! Went to the docs yesterday and she said rest ,,, sick of resting, I need to be up and doing now :-)


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